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What We Do

Total Home Solutions is a broker with other outstanding services in the integration of energy services, home automation, home security, home warranties and high-speed internet partnership. Now that it has successfully designed a sales strategy, training procedure and marketing strategy, Total Home solutions hope to develop a robust, high producing sales department that can take its client base to various regions and nations.

What We Do

Products and Services

We know your life is busy and you need a trusted provider who can help you with all the services your home needs. Never a charge for our services we help you find the best products, services and plans that is right for your home and lifestyle.


We partner with energy providers, to give you access to best of class services.


We currently partner with home automation and security brands to provide customers with maximum home security. Our mission is to build confidence through companies in a partnership to increase customer’s confidence in home security.


We partner with Internet and TV providers, to give you access to best of class services.

Credit Repair

We can improve your poor credit score and negative impact on financial health that can lead to high-interest rate and loan application rejection. Our financial service can fix your credit and improve your FICO scores.

Just Energy (Tara and Amigo Brands)

This energy company utilizes the benefit of our partnership in its operations to customers. It offers green energy [wind and hydro], retail and commercial energy, home service solutions, natural gas and electricity marketing, renting of high efficiency and tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces and wheat-based ethanol. These services are geared towards customer satisfaction through effective partnership with Total Home Solutions.

Verde Energy, Texas

This independent energy giant provides competitive energy rate by making it easy for consumers to adopt green energy and support renewable energy resources. Verde energy provides low 100% renewable energy for customers, reduce customers’ energy consumption with free online energy tools and tips. Home energy service is offered in shop electricity, solar solution and energy saving tips. It provides brands with small business and solar solution while customers have power outage solution, electricity glossary and energy monitoring with outstanding customer service.

Summer Energy

This is another energy providing giant in partnership with Total Home Solutions to offer quality services to consumers. This energy company deliver services in summer, fall, winter or spring with the great saving power to consumers in low fixed rate all-year round. It offers simple, straightforward plans, friendly, focused and reliable to meet customers’ energy needs. Summer energy provides cost-effective electricity, low rates and flexible products. Easy energy consumption plans like Residential sign up, Residential renewal, Commercial sign up, Manage my account, Pay my bill and easy pay are the solutions it provides.

Home Security

We currently partner with home automation and security brands to provide customers with maximum home security. Our mission is to build confidence through companies in a partnership to increase customer’s confidence in home security


This brand utilizes expertise in home automation and security to secure all front doors. Their services provide customers with security doors and other devices that can optimize home security. They provide Burglary detection, Doorbell camera, outdoor camera, ping camera, element thermostat, smart lock, and Garage door control with the free professional installation. They provide home security and surveillance equipment in a wireless video recorder that can be strategically placed. They offer smart home control with notification feature to monitor your home activities, while the monitoring unit can respond to any slight emergency in your home. You can also monitor your home from anywhere through Vivint smart home app in mobile control, voice control and more.

Choice Home Warranty

This brand manages the warranty offer in many areas to sustain customers’ confidence. The warranty strategy enables customers to purchase goods with confidence, believing that in the case of service failure, replacement or compensation will be offered by the supplying company. Items that meet warranty conditions are air conditioning system, heating system, electrical system, plumbing system, water heater, whirlpool bathtub, Refrigerator, Oven, cook top, dishwasher, built-in microwave, clothes washer, clothes dryer, ductwork, ceiling and exhaust fans. These items can be replaced on warranty by Choice Home if they are found to be faulty. You can also purchase the home of your desire under choice home services.

Home Warranty

We are currently partnering with home warranty to strengthen consumer confidence in product
warranty. Warranty services can give peace of mind to customers and increase their purchasing power.

Internet & TV

We are currently partnering with this internet providing company for increasing connectivity and

network performance.

We are currently partnering with this cable company to improve their technology and entertainment in movies, sports and more. Our partnership can strengthen your quality of service to customers.


Hughes is an internet service provider with numerous customers using various devices to access the internet. It has over 40 years of internet experience with satellite communication innovation. Hughes is the largest internet provider, with rural high-speed internet service everywhere, fast speed to watch video clips and download music, it works on both windows and Mac OS. Hughes internet packages can be purchased by calling the customer care number to be connected, order online or find a local dealer.You can find the right plan that meets your internet need such as satellite internet basic, coverage areas and smart technologies.


This entertainment channel can even stream most of your favorite movies and shows on your mobile device without affecting your direct data plan. Direct TV offers entertainment and technology packages,premiums and sports. It offers direct packages in English TV, Spanish TV, and Business. Premium network includes HBO, Showtime, starz, Cinemax etc. The international package is in Spanish, Filipino, Korea and Vietnamese. Our partnership can help companies to deliver quality service content to viewers.

Credit Repair



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